ISAA-ACT EVENING MEETINGS 2019 ­ Australian Capital Territory ­ ISAA

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Australian Capital Territory


ISAA-ACT Evening Meetings 2019

Evening meetings at 5 for 5.30 in the Meeting Rooms 2-3, level 4, National Library of Australia

8 May: Ann Moyal on CP Snow and the ‘Two Cultures’ 60 Years On

12 June: Helen Topor on the life of Johannes Vermeer

10 July: Sarah Macneill on being an Anglican bishop

14 August: Stephen Foster on History, fiction and the pursuit of truth: a case study from Guernsey in 1825

11 September

Tony Kevin on Russia in the world today


October Annual Conference

No chapter meeting


13 November
Frank Bongiorno on Robert Menzies and ‘The Forgotten People’: Voices from 1950s Australia

Christmas party and AGM




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