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Diana Wyndham

The proposed ABC Library closures will cause irreversible harm and the loss will affect us all, as Ray Bradbury made clear in Fahrenheit 451. There is little difference between dumping, storing or burning books – empty book shelves in a Berlin memorial are a mute reminder of the horrors of the 10 May 1933 Nazi book burnings. Fanatics tried to rid the world of printed knowledge – now administrators are doing the same to ‘save money’. 
Making such cuts will have devastating consequences - Nicholson Baker’s book Double Fold describes how the British Library (and others) are now suffering because in the 1990s they were conned into getting rid of their hard copies of international newspapers which dated from 1850. 
Online is not for ever as two Observer journalists noted – while it is still possible to read the thousand-year-old Domesday Book, an expensive multi-media version became obsolete after 16 years - 
Some background references are
New York Review of Books – A County without libraries -
The Guardian – UK lost more than 200 libraries in 2010 -
Michelle Smith shows the value of print history in
Elizabeth Farrelly showed her concerns in this SMH opinion piece on 4 September 2014 -
It would be a terrible mistake to reduce the collections of the ABC Libraries and to deliberately end the services of ten specialist librarians with their combined skills, knowledge and experience. 

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