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Ann Moyal

ISBN 9781742585970.

UWA Publishing, Crawley, Western Australia, 2014

In A Woman of Influence,Ann Moyal tells of her life’s work in Australian science history, and the many important people she met along the way. In this intimate story, one of our distinguished women of letters writes about social and political challenges and about life’s great commonalities: love and loss.

The Waterlow Killings: A Portrait of a Family Tragedy

ISBN 9780522862317 Melbourne University Press, 2012

The true but tragic story of the killing of the celebrated art curator, Nick Waterlow, and his daughter, Chloe. Anthony Waterlow was found not guilty of murdering his father and sister on the grounds of mental illness. The story highlights the broader issues that confront families coping with loved ones suffering from serious mental illness.

From Moree to Mabo: The Mary Gaudron Story

ISBN 9781742580982 University of Western Australia Publishing, Perth. 2010

The story of Mary Gaudron QC from her formative years living in a NSW country town to her appointment as the first female justice of the High Court of Australia (1987). Gaudron, colourful and feisty, was a passionate champion of gender equality and indigenous rights. She participated in landmark decisions such as Mabo and Wik.

The Rainbow Beach Man. The Life and Times of Les Ridgeway Worimi Elder

ISBN: 978-1-921221-92-7 Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2009.

The story of Les Ridgeway and his struggles against adversity. Les grew up in Purfleet Aboriginal Reserve, became a farm labourer, industrial worker and coalminer. From 1961, he was appointed manager of several Aboriginal Stations and Reserves before being recruited by Charles Perkins into the Commonwealth Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Remembering Aboriginal Heroes. Struggle, Identity and the Media

ISBN: 978-1-922036-56-8 Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2012 (second edition).

A multi-biographical study of prominent Aboriginal figures: Albert Namatjira, Harold Blair, Robert Tudawali, Ngarlla Kunoth, Reg Saunders, Harry Penrith, Jimmy Little, Georgia Lee, Dave Sands, David Gulpilil, Tracy Moffat and several others. The book offers an understanding of the resilient Aboriginal culture and its vital place in Australian history.

Venturing into No Man's Land: The Charmed Life of Joseph Maxwell VC World War 1 Hero

ISBN: 978-1-922036-63-6 Brolga Publishin, Melbourne, 2012

A boigraphy of Joseph Maxwell VC, MC & Bar, DCM, who was raised in the Hunter coalfields before enlisting in the 18th Battalion, AIF. The study reveals how he dealt with the harrowing experiences of Gallipoli and the Western Front during and after the war.