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Milton in Stained Glass

Open Forum

Dr Beverley Sherry  at History House, 9 May 2019.

From the mid-nineteenth century, portraits of Milton in stained glass proliferated—in schools, libraries, universities, civic buildings, churches, even residences. Depictions of his works are much rarer and carry a rich freight of meaning because of the nature of stained glass. As an architectural art, stained glass is not an autonomous art but tied to a building, a building constructed at a particular time and place for a specific purpose and associated with particular people. Stained glass is thus part of a social and historical con- text. This illustrated talk begins with portraits of Milton but focuses mainly on representa- tion of his works in stained glass: the Paradise Lost window at Geneva College, Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, the Paradise Lost window at Princeton University, and the Milton me-morial window at St Margaret's Church Westminster. 

Published as 'Henry Lee Willet and McCartney Library's Paradise Lost Windows: A Story in Lead and Light'. Milton Quarterly, 53(1), 49-58, 2019.

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