SECOND ISAA NSW OPEN FORUM for 2020 ­ New South Wales ­ ISAA

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New South Wales



The second ISAA Open Forum for 2020 will be on Thursday 5 November2-4pm via Zoom.

The speaker will be Professor Richard Kemp, School of Psychology, University of NSW.

About the Topic: ‘The Psychology of Eyewitness Evidence.’

In criminal investigations eyewitnesses often provide police with vital information leading to the identification of a suspect. However, a detailed examination of cases of wrongful conviction from the USA shows that, while providing compelling evidence, eyewitnesses can be mistaken. In this presentation Professor Kemp will describe how psychological research into eyewitness memory can be used to inform policy change to reduce the risk of erroneous conviction. Using an interactive format he will demonstrate the surprising fragility of human memory and describe research he has undertaken with colleagues to identify procedures that increase the risk of memory distortions, and measures which can be employed to safeguard against these risks. He will also describe some challenges and opportunities for the future, including the roll-out of police body worn video and the development of a new smart phone App designed to help witnesses provide detailed, accurate accounts of events.

About Professor Kemp:

Professor Richard Kemp is a cognitive scientist and forensic psychologist who applies research in the fields of human memory and perception to aspects of the legal system. Richard obtained his PhD from London University and moved to UNSW Sydney in 2001. His current research interests include, identity verification and face perception, eyewitness memory, police interviewing and forensic science evidence. Richard has undertaken his research in collaboration with a variety of partner organisations, including State and Federal government agencies, Police and emergency service organisations and banks and financial service providers. He has provided expert evidence in several significant court cases in Australia and overseas, and is regularly asked to address conferences of judges, lawyers, police and other legal professionals. 

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