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New South Wales

The Right to Know. ISAA NSW 2020 SEMINAR

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The Australian community has long assumed it has the right to know what Governments are doing in its name. Recent events have called this assumption into doubt. Laws on what information is released to the public are being tightened, with media claims that it is being prevented from telling the full story on a range of issues affecting us all. Are we entering an age when ‘journalism that shines a light on matters you deserve to know about is criminalised’?

Keynote Address by Quentin Dempster ─ The Right to Know: Journalism

Quentin Dempster is a Walkley Award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. He was awarded an Order of Australia in 1992 for services to journalism.

Catharine Lumby ─ The Right to Know: Social Media

Catharine Lumby is a Professor of Media at Macquarie University and former foundation Director of the Journalism and Media Research Centre at UNSW and foundation Chair of the Media and Communications Department at the University of Sydney. For two decades she was a print and television journalist.

Date: Tuesday 22 September

Time: 2.00 pm ─ 4.00 pm

Venue: Zoom

Registration: To register send a message to the ISAA email address with your name and the names of any others who also may be attending.

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