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Brian Nicholls

Two lost children

A man in search of himself

An unforgiving land

An unlikely romance

A murder...

Matt Hudson is an emotionally damaged homicide detective who has dented his code of honour and lost a clear purpose in life. To fulfil his father's dying wish he embarks on a road trip along the famed Birdsville Track in the deserts of South Australia driving his father's old 1947 Dodge pick-up. Matt's journey involves several narratives...

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Susan Steggall,

Shooting Star Publications

ISBN: 978-1-925821-29-1 (print);  ISBN: 978-1-925821-30-7 (eBook).

At the heart of the novel is a ‘what if’ someone does something – the ‘doing’ – for noble reasons but the ‘deed’ that results causes unfortunate consequences that echo through generations? ‘

Apolline is a headstrong French Lawyer, and her mild-mannered Australian husband, Parry, an investigator for an art auction house in Geneva. Against a backdrop of intrigue, flawed allegiance, greed and warped...

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by Johanna Nicholls

Simon & Schuster

ISBN 9781922052728

New Year’s Day 1901. Golden Hope tells the story of Clytie Hart, a daring equestrienne, who is travelling with her mother in the Wildebrand Circus. A chance meeting with young adventurer Rom Delaney, and his invitation to play in Hoffnung, an isolated gold-mining town, promises to restore the circus’s failing fortunes. Clytie has only ever known the roving life but much as she loves her...

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Johanna Nicholls

ISBN: 9781922052698 (pbk)

         9781922052711 (e-book

Simon & Schuster (Australia) 2014

Set in the 1827-32 penal colonies of NSW and Moreton Bay, The Lace Balcony interweaves fictional characters with historical figures. A young woman determines to control her destiny. Marriage offers women social acceptance but curtails legal rights to property, fortune, custody of children. As a courtesan she can choose her lovers and manipulate powerful men. A story of...

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ISBN: 978-0-9581964-1-3 Editions Kusatsu (via ASA) 2014

Forget Me Not encompasses life in Australia and France in the 1980s as well as on the Great War battlefields and in occupied France during World War II. The novel charts a woman's journey of self-discovery while researching her grandfather's presumed death on Mont Saint-Quentin in August 1918.

The Great Australian Novel - A Panorama by Jean-Fran├žois Vernay

ISBN: 978-1-9215963-9-1 Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2010.

Readers enjoy a cinematic experience as they read about the history of the Australian novel and learn how fiction can present the country, its people and ideas. Included is the importance of women writers, contributions by non-Anglophone authors, Aboriginality and the most recent trends in contemporary fiction.