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SCORCHED EARTH. Australia’s secret plan for total war under Japanese invasion in World War II

Sue Rosen

Allen & Unwin (June 2017)

ISBN  9781925575149

In 1942 the threat of Japanese invasion hung over Australia. The men were overseas, fighting on other fronts, and civilians were left unprotected at home. Following the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Japanese advance south, Prime Minister Curtin ordered state governments to prepare. From January 1942, a team devised secret plans for a ‘scorched earth’ strategy whose goal was to prevent the Japanese...

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'A passion for exploring new countries' MATTHEW FLINDERS & GEORGE BASS

Josephine Bastian

published by Australian Scholarly Publications

ISBN  9781925333725

Matthew Flinders and George Bass were two obscure young men from Lincolnshire who arrived in Sydney in 1795 determined to achieve greatness. Flinders wanted to be an explorer ‘second only to Captain Cook’, Bass, another Sir Joseph Banks, and a rich Sydney trader. For eight years these two pursued their destiny. Their voyages changed the map of Australia, and Flinders gave it its name....

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John Moses

St Laurence Tract No.9, St Laurence Press

ISBN: 978-0-9924370-1-5 (pbk)

 Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945) was executed with other conspirators against the Nazi regime on the personal orders of Adolf Hitler after two years imprisonment at the end of WW II. He has arguably become the most important theologian of the age in any language. His reputation was rescued from oblivion by a former student and close personal friend Eberhard Bethge who soon...

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Ian Willis

ISBN: 978-0-9876067-9-2 (pbk)

KIngsclear Books

Beginning with the search for cattle that had strayed from Farm Cove in 1788 and their discovery at Cowpastures seven years later, Ian Willis charts the history of the Camden district through conflicts between settlers and the Dharawal people, the Macarthur era and the development of the Camden township, to the demise of Camden Park estate after World War II. With much of the district’s agricultural land...

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Babette Smith

ISBN: 9781742378121
ISBN-10: 1742378129; Allen & Unwin; paperback, 2014.

All 250 Irish convicts survived and were guided to safety by local Aboriginal people when their ship, the Hive, sank off the NSW coast in 1835. The Luck of the Irish is a fascinating portrait of colonial life in the mid-19th century, which reveals the significant Irish contribution of the Australia we know today.

The Man Who Hunted Whales: A tale of Kangaroo Island and a doomed ship

ISBN 9780646553009 Awoonga, 2011

In 1836, Captain Robert Clark Morgan landed the first official settlers on Kangaroo Island from the whaling ship Duke of York, then sailed to the whaling grounds of the Pacific. He faced crew rebellion, convict attack, and shipwreck. In the ensuing ordeal, not all on board returned to safety.