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Nazi Dreamtime: Australian Enthusiasts for Hitler's Germany

ISBN: 978 1 92187542 7 Australian Scholarly Publishing (Melbourne), 2012.

The Nazi Dreamtime tells the story of the Australian enthusiasts for Nazi Germany, those who thought that the lessons of the German experiment from 1933 were applicable to Australia, as well as those who tagged along. Their local vision of Nazism hoped to incorporate Aboriginal dreaming into a white, quasi-Nazi 'Dreamtime'.

Cook's Hill Life Saving & Surf Club. The First Hundred Years

ISBN: 978-1-921596-64-3 Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2011.

The drama of this story comes from numerous sources and eye-witness accounts of events such as ferocious shark attacks, surf rescues in difficult and dangerous conditions and competitive achievements of a world pioneering surf club in the Newcastle district. Profusely illustrated.

From Antarctica to the Gold Rushes in the wake of the Erebus

ISBN: 978-9215969-2-6 Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2011.

The story of Alexander Smith (1812-1872) of the British Navy who survived shipwreck, sailed the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and finally served gallantly on Captain James Clark Ross' famed Antarctic Expediction. He was later appointed a well-respected Goldfields Commissioner in Castlemaine during the 1850s Victorian goldrushes.


The Reluctant Revolutionary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Collision with Prusso-German History

ISBN 978-1-84545-531-6 Berghahn Books, New York, 2009

Investigates the Lutheran theologian's grounds for agitating for the assassination of Hitler. For Bonhoeffer that was embracing revolution which normally Lutherans would not contemplate because "The Powers that Be" are ordained of God (Romans Ch. 13). But the Führer was deemed not to be a legitimate leader and so rebellion was justified.