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Born in Glebe: Mothers, Midwives and Medical Men

Lesley Potter

Sydney, ISBN: 978-1-64786-261-9

Positioning maternity care within the local historical context of Glebe in Sydney, at the close of the colonial period and before the birth of the Australian nation, the author appraises the lives of everyday people: mothers, midwives and medical men. She relates how birthing was conducted on the cusp of modern obstetrical advancements in this important area of health and wellbeing. The book enables the reader to appreciate...

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By Laura Dawes

Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2016 

In print, e-book and audio book

ISBN-13: 978-1474601986

At the beginning of WW II, medical experts predicted epidemics of physical and mental illness on the home front, yet Britain ended the war in better health than ever before. ‘Fighting Fit’ reveals an extraordinary, forgotten story of medical triumph against the odds. Through a combination of meticulous planning and last minute scrambling, Britain succeeded in averting the ‘dark curse’...

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Kenneth Good

ISBN 978-1498502436

Lexington Books, 2014

The book offers a sharp critique of liberal democracy as found today, chiefly in Britain and the US, and issues a clarion call in favour of participatory democracy. Taking the Athenian model as inspiration, it argues that historical and contemporary attempts to realise democracy on a popular basis offer the prospect of a better future for all, Failures will be common, but even they further the capacity of...

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Kerryn Higgs

ISBN 9780262027731.  

MIT Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, 2014

The notion of ever-expanding economic growth has been promoted so relentlessly that ‘growth’ is entrenched as the natural objective of collective human effort. Warnings by scientists that we live on a finite planet that cannot sustain infinite economic expansion are ignored. Collision Course looks at the impact of unbridled growth and at recurring corporate campaigns against ideas about physical limits.

Re-thinking India: Perceptions from Australia

ISBN: 10:93-5018-376-5, Readworthy Publications, New Delhi, 2013

The breadth of interest covered by the collected essays reflect the diverse concerns of Australian academics with an interest in India's diplomatic and strategic and energy relationships; analyses of communalism, the strength of village elites amd the fundamentals of Hinduism are discussed. It can be viewed and ordered from the publisher's website.

Global Overshoot: Contemplating the World's Converging Problems

ISBN: 978-1-4614- 6265-1 Springer, New York, 2013

Global Overshoot is a response to the emerging possibility that global quality of life is about to plunge - with widespread fear and hunger becoming the norm under the influence of overpopulation, overextraction of resources and overcomplexification of social and economic relationships. The book argues and demonstrates that a knowledge and causal understanding of what happened, ecologically and evolutionarily, in the deep past - between the...

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