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VERITY. A remarkable woman’s journey

VERITY. A remarkable woman’s journey

Robert Lehane

Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017  ISBN 9781925588484

Canberra’s population was only about 10,000 when, in 1938, the newly married Verity Fitzhardinge opened Verity Hewitt’s bookshop, for decades a favoured haunt of Canberra booklovers. Verity had come to the fledgling capital as a 21-year-old in 1930 to teach at Telopea Park School (Gough Whitlam was a fondly remembered pupil). In letters to her future husband, Billy Hughes’s biographer Laurie Fitzhardinge, she painted a fascinating picture of Depression-era Canberra. Those letters are part of the rich collection of correspondence and diaries that this book taps to tell the story of Verity’s ‘vigorous, interesting and kindly’ life - one admirer’s apt description - as teacher, bookseller, farmer, historian, intrepid traveler, activist and writer. 

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