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by Helen Topor

ISBN 9 780646 985718

In New York the last thing Helen expects is to fall in love with Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. At the Frick Collection the painter of enigmatic women and luminous light touches her bruised soul profoundly. How can she explain a transcendent experience she herself doesn’t understand? 

Sensing Helen’s craving to know more about Vermeer’s life and works, Peter suggests they see all 35 paintings. She longs for adventure...

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VERITY. A remarkable woman’s journey

Robert Lehane

Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017  ISBN 9781925588484

Canberra’s population was only about 10,000 when, in 1938, the newly married Verity Fitzhardinge opened Verity Hewitt’s bookshop, for decades a favoured haunt of Canberra booklovers. Verity had come to the fledgling capital as a 21-year-old in 1930 to teach at Telopea Park School (Gough Whitlam was a fondly remembered pupil). In letters to her future husband, Billy Hughes’s biographer Laurie Fitzhardinge, she painted...

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Flying into Danger. The Story of Paul Brickhill RAAF

John Ramsland

Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2017

ISBN:  9 781925 367683   (paperback)

Paul Brickhill, a Sydney Sun journalist, had adventurous experiences in the RAAF as a Spitfire pilot. In 1943, he was shot down and became a POW in Stalag Luft III where he secretly gathered stories that became Escape to Danger; five tour-de-force books followed, three were made into memorable films.



by  Lesley Potter

Anchor Books (August 2017)

ISBN 9780648061601

Dr Lesley Potter’s book weaves the stories of nine midwives into an account of the development of midwifery training in New South Wales. These women’s lives span the nineteenth century and provide a fascinating perspective of maternity care and life in colonial Sydney. Before any official midwifery training was instigated in New South Wales numerous women worked as midwives. In the days of secret...

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SCORCHED EARTH. Australia’s secret plan for total war under Japanese invasion in World War II

Sue Rosen

Allen & Unwin (June 2017)

ISBN  9781925575149

In 1942 the threat of Japanese invasion hung over Australia. The men were overseas, fighting on other fronts, and civilians were left unprotected at home. Following the attack on Pearl Harbour and the Japanese advance south, Prime Minister Curtin ordered state governments to prepare. From January 1942, a team devised secret plans for a ‘scorched earth’ strategy whose goal was to prevent the Japanese...

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'A passion for exploring new countries' MATTHEW FLINDERS & GEORGE BASS

Josephine Bastian

published by Australian Scholarly Publications

ISBN  9781925333725

Matthew Flinders and George Bass were two obscure young men from Lincolnshire who arrived in Sydney in 1795 determined to achieve greatness. Flinders wanted to be an explorer ‘second only to Captain Cook’, Bass, another Sir Joseph Banks, and a rich Sydney trader. For eight years these two pursued their destiny. Their voyages changed the map of Australia, and Flinders gave it its name....

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