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A GOLDMINER’S FORTUNE. The Story of Martin Loughlin, “Quartz King”, racehorse owner and philanthropist, and of Thomas O’Loughlin, who inherited the fortune

Anne Ridley

ISBN:  978-0-6489488-0-3; 2020, pbk

When gold was discovered in Victoria, a young Irishman, Martin Loughlin, and his cousin, Patrick, joined the thousands of diggers heading to Ballarat to make their fortune.  Martin possessed a golden touch as he successfully built a portfolio of mines.  Not all were without controversy - his purchase of the Mt Egerton mine led to one of the most famous court cases of the era.  His growing wealth enabled him to...

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The Legacy of Douglas Grant. A Notable Aborigine in War and Peace

 John Ramsland

 Brolga  2019; ISBN  9780987639080

Thirty-year-old Grant survived a massacre in infancy, enlisted in 1916 and fought bravely in Bullecourt I. Wounded and captured, he became inmate-in-charge of the German Crescent Camp for coloured Allies saving many lives. Facing racism on returning home, he was to die, alone in 1951, on Bare Island, La Perouse.


VERITY. A remarkable woman’s journey

Robert Lehane

Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017  ISBN 9781925588484

Canberra’s population was only about 10,000 when, in 1938, the newly married Verity Fitzhardinge opened Verity Hewitt’s bookshop, for decades a favoured haunt of Canberra booklovers. Verity had come to the fledgling capital as a 21-year-old in 1930 to teach at Telopea Park School (Gough Whitlam was a fondly remembered pupil). In letters to her future husband, Billy Hughes’s biographer Laurie Fitzhardinge, she painted...

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Flying into Danger. The Story of Paul Brickhill RAAF

John Ramsland

Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2017

ISBN:  9 781925 367683   (paperback)

Paul Brickhill, a Sydney Sun journalist, had adventurous experiences in the RAAF as a Spitfire pilot. In 1943, he was shot down and became a POW in Stalag Luft III where he secretly gathered stories that became Escape to Danger; five tour-de-force books followed, three were made into memorable films.


The Other Side of No Man’s Land. Arthur Wheen World War I Hero, Scholar and Pacifist

John Ramsland

Brolga Publishing, Melbourne, 2015

ISBN:  9 781922 175694  (paperback)

This is the story of Wheen’s extraordinary exploits as a heroic signaller in WWI, his studies as a Rhodes scholar post-war, his literary works including his minor war classic Two Masters and his magnificent translation of Erich Maria Remarque’s Im Westen nichts Neues (All Quiet on the Western Front).


Patricia Clarke

ISBN 9781921867842, MOnash University Publishing 2013

During World War II, Eilean Giblin kept diaries that are witness to the suffering and futility of war. Giblin also led a life rich in little recorded feminist achievements. Clarke charts the influence of Giblin’s suffragette aunts in England, her arrival in Australia as a war bride after World War I, her battles for equal citizenship and women's education and her championship of the ‘Dunera’...

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